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National Talent Development

Nurture your national talent and provide them with targeted development opportunities to help them become well-informed industry leaders.

High Potential Development

Develop the capabilities of your high potentials and motivate them to explore, identify and achieve their potential.


Support your new managers to develop the alternatives and prioritize new responsibilities.

Women Leadership

Empower your female leaders and provide them authentic strategies to develop influence and presence, and achieve extraordinary results.

How it works

Invite your employees

Invite your employees via email to register and apply to your coaching program.

Match employees to coaches

Using the employees details and goals, our algorithm matches them to the best coach matches which they can choose from.

Monitor analytics & measure progress

Measure the key behavioral strengths and gaps within your organization, and track employee engagement & satisfaction.

Chemistry Calls

Employees are empowered to take ownership over their coach selection and selecting their personal coach from a pool of coaches recommended to them based on their goals and preferences.

Goal Setting

Together with their coach, employees set their development goals and work through them through frequent, virtual coaching sessions on our personalized coaching platform.

Bi-monthly Coaching Sessions

Frequent coaching sessions are carried out through virtual means in a confidential and secure manner, making it more efficient than ever to access coaching anytime and anywhere.

Learning on-the-go

Employees can complement their coaching with supporting micro-learning targeting their development areas and coaching topics.

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by some of the biggest regional brands…

We work with the the region’s leading companies to deliver custom coaching programs that fit into their needs and goals.

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Tailored Coaching Programs

Help us learn more about your business needs and learning & development strategies and we will tailor a custom coaching program to meet your goals.

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